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Choose Us Because

No Installation Cost

Small Or Large Scale Order, We are offering Free Installation

Competitive Prices

We have sourced, India’s No.1 Quality Nets with UV Treated, Which will with stand for all whether conditions.

Vast Collection Material

We are having all type of nets which are standard in quality and its comes with Green, White, Black & Transparent in Colors.

100% Satisfaction Gurantee

You Heard Right!!! At Durga Safety Nets we are passionate about what we do. Hence We give 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Most Durable Nets and Lowest Price

Our Nets are different qualities of Nylon Nets, Which are Highly Durable and also comes with affordable lowest Cost.  Just Check Our Price Once.

Max Pigeon Nets Warranty

You can Feel Relaxed because once take service from us, You are assured with Quality & Durability. No one can match our Quality.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the price of Max Pigeon Nets?

The price of Max Pigeon Nets is 20rs per sqft and it is dependent on the quality of the product. We also offer free installation for our customers.

How do I know which pigeon net is right for my balcony?

It depends on the size and type of your balcony. If you have a small balcony, you might want to consider a transparent net so that pigeons will stay away but you can still enjoy the view. For a larger balcony, you might want to consider a nylon or garware net which will provide more coverage.

How About the quality?

We select the nylon raw materials which with good toughness and wear resistance,It can be used for a long time.The weight of our product is moderate, and it is not easy to be deformed. The net surface is flat and the color is bright.

How does Max Pigeon Nets keep the pigeons off my balcony?

Max Pigeon Nets is a physical deterrent that will keep the pigeons off your balcony by making it difficult for them to land. The nets are made of a strong, UV-resistant material that will last for years and are installed by our team of experts.

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