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MAX Safety Nets

We Offering Free Installation & Vast Collection Material at Doorstep

Max Balcony Pigeon Safety Nets is a reputable brand in Chennai that specializes in providing high-quality bird pigeon netting solutions for apartment balconies, child safety nets, and pets, especially cats. Their safety nets are designed to prevent birds and pigeons from entering your space and causing damage, while also ensuring the safety of your children and pets. With years of experience in the field, Max Balcony Pigeon Safety Nets has become a trusted name in the industry, known for their expertise and reliability. If you’re looking for effective and affordable bird pigeon netting solutions for your apartment balcony or to keep your child or pet safe, Max Balcony Pigeon Safety Nets is definitely worth considering.

Max Pigeon Nets is India's Leading Bird Netting Company

Professional Dealers | Verified Staffs | 15+Years Of Experience Team.

Max Pigeon Nets is India's Leading Bird Netting Company

1. Search Max Pigeon Nets on Google

This process is a quick and convenient way to access information about Max Pigeon Nets and our services*

2. Schedule at Your Convenient

By offering flexible scheduling options, Max can provide a better customer experience and improve satisfaction. This also allows customers to plan their day*

3.Choose the Best Material at Competitive Price

With a choice of top-quality materials at competitive prices, Max can ensure that We meet the needs of Our Customers and provide them with value for money

4.Ask for Digital Invoice Copy

convenient and hassle-free experience for customers. Overall, the option to ask for a digital invoice copy is a customer-centric approach that can benefit both the customer and the Max

India's No.1 Bird Netting Brand

Why People Choosing Us


Professional Team Available for 24/7 hours, We offer absolute Installation Free of nets fixing for all types of requirements.


We always concentrate on the specific requirements of the clients, Our long existence in this field is due to the strict quality standards we follow.


Best Quality | Vast Collection | Low price | Free Installation 24*7 | Warranty Assured 3 to 8 Years | Support & Service | Free Quaotation.


We Provide nets at reasonable price and 100% good quality. Best products are guaranteed when you buy products from us.


Indicating that products will meet customer needs. This is often phrased in marketing terms, for example, the principle that products will delight customers.


Experts Fixing Safety Nets, We have serve almost all major residential & commercial requirements. We offer best quality nets competitive price.

Our Best Services

Balcony Safety Nets

Balcony safety net is used to prevent unwanted situation in buildings or apartments, where unexpected falling from balcony leads people life risky. Read More

Pigeon Safety Nets

Pigeon nets are known for its long service life & low maintenance features. We are the endeavour in making special nylon nets, which is a permanent solution… Read More

Anti Bird Nets

In most cities and towns across the world, today there is a major problem of urban birds like pigeons creating issues for apartments, commercial complexes, etc.,  Read More

Children Safety Nets

Our products can do child proof at most every window, balcony, stairs and open spaces. Enjoy fresh air while keeping your home safe for babies and toddlers. Read More

Monkey Safety Nets

If you’re living in a home located on a hilltop or near forest area, there always lies the danger of your home being invaded by monkeys on the lookout for food. Read More

Duct Area Safety Nets

Duct areas between buildings in large apartments are often invaded by pesky birds, pigeons, sparoows or animals that make the area their domain setting. Read More

Pigeon and Bird Control Spikes

We offer you the technologically advanced bird menace solutions in bird proofing your residence and office with the Bird Spikes and pigeon spikes. Read More

Construction Safety Nets

Construction Safety nets are collective fall arrest systems. Regardless of the time spent on a roof, the risk of falling is high. Any fall is likely to result in a serious injury. Read More

Coconut Tree Safety Nets

Tall Coconut Trees are a pretty common sight in localities, There are times when coconuts may accidentally fall from a coconut tree all of a sudden., Read More

Staircase Safety Nets

Children and old people are often always deeply immersed in their play or chore, blissfully unaware of lurking potential dangers. Read More

Car Parking Safety Nets

Especially companies and industries are need of parking lot nets because they have responsibilities to protect employees’ vehicles. Read More

Sports Practice Nets

Cricket is a religion in India, widely popular across the length & breadth of INDIA. It is a common sight to witness in most parts of India.,  Read More

Our Testimonials

We are members of a condominium society. We were looking for an effective way to keep pigeons out of the building after realizing how detrimental they can be to our building. Finally, we found Max Pigeon Nets and within weeks, we had no pigeons near the building.

MohanPigeon Safety Nets

I had regular nets, but my husband thought it would be better to get a mesh one. Max Pigeon Nets are perfect and there is no way that the bird can get out of them like they could with other nets.

RoshanBalcony Safety Nets

Hello,I first bought these nets a year ago when I noticed my building didn't have them on hand. They're easy to put up and take down, durable, and help me sleep easier knowing that the pigeons are corraled and can't be a nuisance.

ZaheerBalcony Bird Nets

I live in the city center and my balcony is full of bird poo. Everything so dirty, you can't even sit on it. I bought Max Pigeon Nets and the problem disappeared overnight.

JackSafety Nets

Need more info? Check out our most frequently asked questions.

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Our Services

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